The Co-Habitation Project 
Brief Title : Hyper-Adjacency
Year : 2019/2020
Brief Summary : 

The project brief focuses on the crisis productive uses suffer, where despite changes in the planning regulations, cities seem unable to provide spaces for them.

The rapidly growing population and mass migration is leading to the struggle for space which is increasingly becoming a challenge for cities.

Through this project we are keen on investigating the ways of interlocking, mixing and sharing spaces that have emerged from thus struggle.

Our realm of investigation goes from the territorial scale, down to the human scale –from Macro to Micro– interrogating the spaces of friction and negotiation between adjacent uses and users that have a common border.

The area we proposed to look at and study is Bermondsey in Southwark, where we will develop a series of plug-in intervention strategies that will help existing businesses thrive and create additional productive spaces within the city and creating and forming no relationships, giving a sense of community.